I am grateful to my clients who choose to show up, take chances, dig deep and do this work and take a journey inward. A special thanks to those have who agreed to have their reflections published here.   -Bryan

1-2-1 Session Testimonials

Chris H.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Having explored various religions and meditative modalities over the years, I was left wondering what to make of it all and how to develop a spiritual practice that truly resonated with me.  Bryan offered an open ear, a warm style, and a thoughtful dialogue that helped me sort through my thoughts and approach.  He provides a safe, nurturing space where you can comfortably dive into the depths of your heart, mind, body, and soul

Matt H.


Twice during our session today, I almost felt like I could cry, but not due to sadness, but just that I feel closer to being whole. I feel as if I am closer to being truly liberated and that it is time, I put the past to rest and forge ahead. I wear a smile inside me today and I feel more like a man and have more confidence. I am beautiful and even if I am not everyone’s cup of absinthe or even physically so at all, I am divinely and beautifully made (to paraphrase the psalmist). Thank you for this journey Bryan.

David S.

San Fransisco, CA

I have been on a spiritual journey as long as I can remember. I happened upon Bryan during a workshop we were both in and found him to be insightful, caring and that he was a spiritual director. Bryan has helped me focus on what is important in my life and helped me to see that I have gratitude for the senses I experience. With this advice, all my senses have become much more colorful and fulfilling. I hear more deeply, see more fully, touch more thankfully, smell more delightfully, and taste more intently. My spiritual journey has transformed into what I can experience in each moment. Thank you, Bryan, for the new gifts you have bestowed on me

Caitlin C.

Myrtle Beach, SC

I have known Bryan for over 15 years. Bryan always has and continues to create space to have Sacred conversation. He allows me to share thoughts and ideas with him, and in return offers reflective space so that I may consider various possible outcomes; while the final decision is always my own, he continues to offer guidance and support. He is a great listener and has a way of meeting someone where they are, and hearing beyond the words that are shared and reflects upon them. I am blessed to have Bryan as a companion on my journey.

Sacred Sexuality Group Testimonials

I enjoyed learning from a community. It was an ability to synthesize my ideas and learn from others. I have so much gratitude & thankfulness for Bryan for putting this workshop together. I look forward to more!
A safe container was created to talk and share about issues that are normally, shaming, or hard to share. I very much enjoyed this and so happy that I did it.
I appreciated hearing the various perspectives. The meditations were also helpful to pull me out of my routine. Thanks again for providing a new perspective and approach for thinking about sexuality, self, spirit, and nature.
I came away with foundational principle and practices from tantra that I can incorporate through experimentation & exploration of myself.
I am walking away with a more connected experience of my body and pleasure.
Bryan created a safe space, to explore some new ideas around personal power, potential, and healing, while honoring sex, sexuality, and our bodies, as gay men.

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