Returning To: Companionship


Welcome back! For those that have worked with me before in this space, you are invited back to jump right into the more advanced practices and work. We will continue to check-in throughout on the foundations of the work, but invite you to pick from the rituals, practices, meditations and ask for what you want – and I will hold the space. Or imagine a practice or a journey that is not written out here – if you’d like it – ask for it! All bodies, genders, and identities at least 18 years of age are welcome that have previously been in coaching space with Bryan.

      • Meet with Bryan in FIVE (75 minute) 1-2-1 sessions
      • Access to erotic homework and Bryan’s library of guided meditations

With the word “sacred”, we are considering ideas like “special”, “full of intention and/or consciousness” “careful”, “mindful” and “contemplative”. The heart of this is an opportunity to slow down, to get to know our erotic body in a more conscious way and to see how this can inspire our daily lives and the lives around us. This is a choose-your-own journey, where you decide what we are exploring. Together we will slow down, listen, and notice.

Considering joining and have some questions?
Contact Bryan directly at

Visit the TESTIMONIAL page to read feedback from past sacred sex group participants and 1-2-1 clients with Bryan

After registering, please allow for 24 hours and you’ll hear from Bryan. You’ll fill out a short reflection form, complete our companionship agreement, and be able to schedule your first 1-2-1 session! See below for more details!


1-2-1 – Ongoing Private Support and Companionship

  • FIVE (75-minute) 1-2-1 sessions with Bryan
  • Access to Bryan via email and messaging in-between sessions for questions, ideas, and support
  • You chose the companionship topics that you’d like to explore
  • Optional erotic homework to try in-between sessions
  • 1-2-1 session availability will be Tuesday-Wednesday 5:00pm-9:30pm EST and Sunday 8:00am-6:00pm EST (other times available to mutually discuss)

Access to Bryan’s Meditations

Unlimited access to Bryan’s library of original guided meditations during the companionship period. This includes the full existing library and any new meditations released while we work together.

1-2-1 Companionship Topics —

We check-in throughout our meetings around these first two topics

Increasing My Self-Awareness and My Self-Love

      • Exploring new ways to listen to ourselves and to our bodies
      • A personal spiritual and/or sexual historical reflection
      • Inviting the sacred feminine with practices to listen to HER desires within each of us
      • Practices to expand erotic energy into to other parts of our body and throughout our days

Exploring Companionship – Giving & Receiving

      • Spend time listening to and being heard with contemplative listening exercises
      • A practicing of giving and receiving
      • Considering the potential insights of tantra spirituality in helping us give and receive
      • An opportunity to dig deeper into the question of “What do I want?”
Session 1-5 – Jump In Wherever You’d Like and Ask For What You Want

As a returning seeker to this space, I invite you to start where you want and go where you want to. Just ask. I will hold the space in whatever you want and choose.

An Erotic Story-time

      • Sharing an erotic story
      • Listening to someone else’s erotic story
      • Practice loving ourselves and others and all the desire and experience that they or we bring to share
      • You will be invited to share a personal erotic story or desire and be invited to share erotica or pornography that helps to inspire your memory, experience, or desire. And then you will have the opportunity to be the listener for an erotic sharing from Bryan

Erotica and Porn – Giving & Receiving

      • You will be invited to share a personal erotic creation (Erotica or Porn / One medium or many mediums)
      • You will reflect upon the experience and the work and then share the content. Bryan will provide mindful gratitude, reflection, and contemplative listening support.
      • You will have the option to receive an erotic sharing from Bryan and to contemplatively listen and/or watch and to provide your mindful gratitude, reflection, and contemplative support.

A Meditation For You, Your Causes, Your Desires

      • This can be based in a particular tradition of meditation, or it can a blend of traditions. It can be interspiritual. It can be chakra-based. It can be erotic, if you desire. You select the kind of meditation that you’d like to experience. Based on your feedback, Bryan will create a ritual experience with you. You bring your causes and your desires to the space.

Sex Magick – Exploring and Creating A Ritual Practice

      • Discerning what an ongoing ritual practice might look like for you.
      • Work with Bryan to experiment and create your own ritual structures that make sense and might work for you on an ongoing basis.
      • Investigate traditions and practitioners from around the world and discuss how they might inspire your own practice and your own causes and passions.

Sacred Seed Exploration (for persons whom produce semen)

      • Exploring what a spirituality of our semen might look like. Instead of throwing it away as soon as we release it. When our seed of life bursts into this physical world, how else might we use these moments?
      • Reflections on anointing, seeding, and breeding

Exploring A Poly Life / Open Relationship

      • Applying our contemplative listening skills to our exploration of a poly life or an open relationship
      • An opportunity to be companioned in your sexual journey where we invite your whole body to inform the experience and how we can utilize contemplative practices in our conversations, encounters and communication.

Visit the TESTIMONIAL page to read feedback from past sacred sex group participants and 1-2-1 clients with Bryan.

Discounts available for those identifying as BIPOC and those experiencing any insecurities and hardship in this fragile time. Please email to receive a discount code.