Private Solo/Partners Retreat Experience with Bryan [Hybrid]


A private retreat experience with both virtual and in-person space together.

This is a choose-your-own journey, where you decide what we are exploring. Together we will slow down, listen, and notice.

We can utilize (you pick) meditation, conversation, creative activities, rituals, music, contemplation, spiritual reading, prayer, nature and chakra work to create a personalized experience that meets your needs and desires.



Private Solo/Partners Retreat with Bryan

All kinds of partnerships are welcome.

Sex positive. Kink friendly. Poly friendly.

Focuses can include:

  • Discernment and Decision Making
  • Embodied Spirituality
  • A Walk with Mystics & Spiritual Scholars
  • Sacred Sexuality Exploration
  • Create Your Own Rituals, Prayers and Practice
  • A Guided Silent Retreat
  • or name your desired focus and let’s chat more!

Sample Hybrid Schedule:

Before In-Person Retreat

  • 1 individual virtual session with Bryan for each participant and 1 virtual session with all participants together.
  • Or just 2 individual virtual sessions for solo participants.

In-Person Retreat

  • We will meet for two back-to-back days. One day will be 7 hours and the other day for 4 hours. Can be held in South Florida, in your hometown or somewhere in between.

After In-Person Retreat

  • 1 virtual session with Bryan with all participants together or just you, the solo participant!
  • Optional add-on virtual sessions (solo or group).

Cost: $1,495 + travel/lodging (for you or Bryan – if needed)

This includes all virtual sessions, the in-person retreat and access to Bryan’s guided meditations library throughout the experience.

If we meet in your hometown or somewhere in-between, we will need to seek out a space to meet.