2 Meditations – An Anthos Er8tic Collection


2 Er8tic Meditations from Bryan

Within 24 hours of purchasing these mediations, I will send to you, a Dropbox link that will bring you to a folder with downloadable versions of two of my original creations. These particular meditations are intended for penis owners who produced semen. Much more content will come in the future and provide diverse content for many more people! I am thrilled to share these with you in this format but ask that you keep them for you and your household’s use.  Considerable effort and resource go into creating and producing these in a professional manor and ask that you treat them as you would any other original creative work that you purchase.

I hope you find a companion in these meditations and perhaps even leave you hungry for more of this and consider 1-2-1 work with me in the future. Please e-mail me at bryan@bryananthos.com or slide into my IG DMs to discuss working with me where we can among many other things, journey through such meditations together either over zoom or in-person.

Please make sure you include the email that you want to receive the meditations to when making the purchase here. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

The music featured in the meditations are all original compositions by Jerome Kurtenbach (jeromekurtenbach.com). And all Bryan’s meditations and podcasts are edited, mixed and produced by Jerome as well.



A Guided Er8tic Chakra Meditation (Runtime – 34:11)

Welcome to our guided chakra meditation. I invite you to sit and listen contemplatively to this offering before following along/participating. Listen and imagine. Start to feel the energy moving within you. Notice what you are feeling and where you are feeling it. Listen to what your body is asking for. After you listen through once, decide whether you will start at the beginning and follow along now or later. Or you may decide to hold your own free-form practice from what you just heard in however your body is guiding. This offering is meant to be inspiration and provide ideation and not a script to follow or subscribe too. The movements of the meditation are:

-Quiet collection/invocation/setting the space

-Stretching & Smiling

-Breath-Full Body/Chakra Breathing-Touching




A Sensory Experience Of Semen (Runtime – 11:18)

Welcome to a sensory experience of seed meditation. I invite you to leave everything you may have ever thought, been told, or felt behind in this guided meditation with your cum. I again suggest you listen all the way through at least once, so you hear where it’s leading and suggesting. This way nothing is a surprise. And then take time to again listen to your body’s desires. Do that. You may choose at some point to follow along with the meditation. You are invited to do so with cum on your body or also imagining cum on your body. We invite all of our senses to our seed: Sight, Smell, Listen, Taste and Touch.


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