Protesting For Racial Justice & Equality – Ep. 3

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Protesting For Racial Justice & Equality – Ep. 3

Sean Gac-Guerrier, a black gay man from South Florida inspires and challenges us to join him on a protest for racial justice and equality – through literature. Sean invites everyone to consider that our systemic issue of racial injustice and white privilege is something that we are each born into and is a deeply rooted evil that should be more fully understood and unearthed. As Sean says, “You can’t change something unless you know what has to be changed.” Recommended reading from Sean to join his protest- The Water Dancer by: Ta-Nehisi Coates / Caste by: Isabel Wilkerson / Their Eyes Were Watching God by: Zora Neale Hurston.

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3 thoughts on “Protesting For Racial Justice & Equality – Ep. 3”

    1. Thank you Patricia! Sean is an amazing human being. I am grateful to call him a friend and so glad we could share this conversation with the world. So much work to do. But people like Sean inspire me to believe that we can indeed accomplish the work…together. All the best! ~Bryan

  1. My cousin that really was absolutley beautiful and well spoken as you know I love my open spoken cousin and yes you just may become the the next Oprah but you’re also to me in line to write a book it would be a best seller just make sure you tell the world the story of ALLLLL of us and still living through it after so many years but it is maki g us stronger and your words is very much inspiring to keep our heads up in spite of it all Love you cuz

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