Inspirational Interviews

with LGBTQIA+ persons

Come listen to the stories of LGBTQIA+ persons whose journeys and practices illustrate the flowering and fertile possibilities for all of our souls. Even on a plant, fruit emerges in stress and finds growth from the need to survive. Our guests will reveal how they have transformed their own struggles into success, happiness and pleasure. Our interviews cover experiences of family, career, sex, passion, spirituality and belonging. We celebrate that we are a part of something larger than ourselves. 

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Our Hallowed Fruit Podcast
Our Hallowed Fruit Podcast
Being Bisexual, A Porn Star, And…A Regular Guy – Ep. 8

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As a plant grows, flowers and gives fruit –so does a LGBTQIA+ person. When we welcome our authentic and creative self -our fruit emerges, ripe and juicy. It is full of sustenance and seed.

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