What is Spiritual Guidance?

This is a chance to discuss the workings of the Spirit/Divine/ The Universe in your life. It’s a space to consider where you are being called to and/or away-from in your journey. You will be listened to as you work though questions like, “Where am I finding the Divine in my life? And “Where do I wish the Spirit was clearer and/or present?” I am here to listen. I can give feedback as to what am I hearing as you discern the work of the Divine in your life. I am simply your human companion on this journey.

What will happen during a session?

A common place where a session might begin is – “How is the Spirit/Divine/God working in your life since we last met?” It’s a very open conversation. The possibilities of our time together are endless. Please know that the sessions will be shaped for you, your preferences, your desires and needs. You will have as much input as you want into what will make a meeting more comfortable and meaningful to you. If it’s desired, we can select some texts that might be helpful to read together and/or read inbetween sessions. This could be poems, articles, literature or texts from various spiritual traditions. As it is desired by you – we can listen or even make music, meditate and use the creative arts to help in our reflections. Again, my role is to listen and help search for clues and signs that might help you discern and notice your Divine life.

Come Look For Divine Signs with Me

I know the pain. I know the journey. I also know the possibilities. I am here to listen, notice and guide. Let’s dive into the spiritual shadows of the past and create an active, hopeful, peaceful and pleasurable spirituality for you –today. One that you pull out of your own body and that is not forced upon you by someone or something else.  

Is this religious? Do I have to identify with a particular kind of spirituality?

It can be a religious conversation if you want it to be. You can identify with one particular spirituality or many spiritualities, or even just a feeling. The only requirement is that you are seeking to be part of something larger than yourself –larger than our physical human world that we are a part of each day. Some call this belief, theUniverse, the One, the Spirit, Divine, Angels or God –whatever you call it –or are feeling -this is what makes our space sacred and unique as compared to our more typical day-to-day conversations.

While we may crossover into topics of psychological matters, I am not a psychotherapist and will not make suggestions in these areas. If you determine that this is a relationship that you would like to engage in, I can make a recommendation based on your desires, to someone in my wonderful and diverse network of psychotherapist colleagues.

What Spiritual Guidance is not

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