Bryan & Matt Unite!

March 31st @7pm via Zoom

I am excited to be this month’s guest on Mattarot’s Queer Men’s Spirit Circle! Please come join me and Matt for some meditation, healing, discussion, Q+A and community! I am humbled to share a bit about my experiences with spiritual guidance both as a seeker and a guide. We will also talk about what sacred sexuality work might look like and in particular the wider possibilities and power held in our erotic bodies and specifically our seed/semen!

To those of you reading that produce semen – If you find yourself programmed to quickly wipe, wash and throw away your seed, then cum take a listen and join in this month’s Queer Men’s Spirit Circle. It will be loads of fun! 


A Safe Space for Connection, Healing, and Pleasure

An Invitation to Gather as a Community of Gay Men

Coming Soon-Early 2021 our first ever gay mens retreat

Through meditation, small-group discussions, creative arts and music, inspired by spiritual and creative practices from around the world, led by leaders in tantra, wellness, arts and spirituality, we search for and embrace our belonging.

We will seek to discover new spiritual practices to guide us forward, uncover and consider how can heal old wounds that might be holding us back, and be led in mindful exercises to raise our own and our collective energies. We seek healing and growth in our own, each other’s and the larger world’s transformative journey. 

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Sex Magic 101

A Virtual Circle Led By Bryan

Come experiment allowing your spiritual life to mingle with your sexual life. A virtual circle that meets every other week for 5 sessions.

Our time will include:

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