Companionship with Bryan

Build a more playful and creative life

Whether it’s at home or work – in the kitchen or the bedroom – in the conference room or at church – we have an opportunity to notice, wonder, create and be playful. Let’s have fun in this life! Let’s use our hallowed fruit within and create gifts for ourselves and others.

Mix and match or choose between the spaces of – Life Coaching, Sex Coaching and Spiritual Guidance. Or blend them all together! Here in this space, everything is an experiment. You choose the topics and spaces to help you build a more playful and creative life and discover new play practices.

Come chat, write, draw, watch, meditate and explore with Bryan!

How do we play?

There is not a one-size fits all to create a life of more play and fun. We will discern a safe container, led by your desires and consent. Some practices that you may choose to use are: Breath work, Intention Setting, Journals, Prayer, Poems, Sound, Music, Meditation, Life Map, Vision Board, Chakra Activation and Balancing, Spiritual Guidance, Art, Erotica and Mindful Erotic Pleasure. This is a non-exhaustive list and is always growing. You choose the spaces and practices that you are most interested in and feel safe enough participating in.

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How does it work?

We use the methods and practices in the spaces (life coaching, sex coaching, spiritual guidance) that you choose to journey through this process:

Meeting 1 – Playfulness and Creativity – Taking Stock of the Current State and Uncovering Desire

Meeting 2 – Imagining Desire – Planning, Visualizing and Manifesting

Meeting 3 – A New Play Space – Creating Your New Place Space and Practicing Living Your Desire

Meeting 4 and Beyond – Bryan provides companionship, and holds space, while you experiment with your play and as you discern what else you want and what will make your play even better.

Where do we play?

We meet virtually in a zoom room for three or five sessions with options to renew for three or five more at a time.

Part of the work will be to access resources in your local community like a library, museums, performing arts, nature preserves, gyms, yoga studios, public parks and any sex-positive public places.
There are also potential options to book in-person private retreats/workshops. Please schedule an intro call with Bryan to discuss and explore together to see if this is a right fit for us both at this time.

Do we talk about sex? And Spirituality?

It’s natural that a conversation about being playful, include our sex life! While not required, our companionship time is a sex positive place and you are encouraged to explore the possibilities of a more playful sex life. If desired, Bryan can support with optional discussions, written reflections, meditations and coaching. All sexual identities are welcome.

Our companionship time is an interspiritual place. All belief systems and traditions are welcome. Or if desired, our space can be without any spirituality/religion.

We can never sneer at the stars, mock the dawn or scoff at the totality of being. Supreme grandeur evokes unhesitating awe. Away from the immense, cloistered in our own concepts, we may scorn and revile everything. But standing between earth and sky, we are silenced by the night.

-Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

How to Work With Bryan

Write Bryan!

Interested? Have questions? Interested in exploring virtual and/or in-person work? E-mail Bryan with what’s on your mind… bryan at

Book a free 20-minute call with Bryan to hear more, ask more and determine together if we are a good fit to work together at this time. Don’t see a good day/time for you? Please email Bryan! More options are available, beyond the self-service option found the site.

Book Your Play Time!

After discussing with Bryan, you can CLICK HERE or head to to book your first session! Options for 3  virtual sessions ($300) or 5 virtual sessions ($425) and include full access to Bryan’s library of original meditations, and access to Bryan via email and chat throughout the journey for support, questions and sharings!

There are also potential options to book in-person private retreats/workshops. Please schedule an intro call with Bryan to discuss and explore together to see if this is a right fit for us both at this time.

Discounts available for those in the BIPOC community. Please e-mail Bryan with any other questions/requests!