Bryan's Story

Who am I? What is this space..

” Coming out as a gay man while working in religious environments and while calling the Catholic Church my sole spiritual home, was not pleasant.. “

In one of my most difficult spiritual times in my life, I heard important words when I bumped into a priest colleague in a CVS parking lot. After letting him know that I was going to step away from working in the Catholic Church, he said, “God loves you. Please know this. The Church has turned its back on you. But God has not and will not. Please promise me you will do everything you can to feel and know this truth. These two entities are separate. God will never turn God’s back. The world needs you.”

Toothpaste. I headed inside and bought what I came for. Crest, I believe. But beyond my CVS purchase, the encounter that day, proved to be one of the most impactful spiritual moments of my lifetime. God –the Divine –the Universe –the Oneness existed outside the Catholic Church. I’d like to think I always felt this deep down inside –but this reality was now in plain existence in the CVS parking lot. For quite some time I was not ready to think much more about the words spoken that day. But eventually, a new journey began.

My Name Is

Bryan Anthos

My journey has been graced with so many spiritual teachers and guides who have helped me heal, be a better version of me, and help to open up so many divine possibilities and new sacred hope. The work of spiritual guidance is near and dear to my heart, my body and my journey. I believe in it! And so, I offer this sacred space to you…

I am here to create a safe space for those that are willing to journey down a path of discovery and relationship with the Divine in your life–not what your parents, family, friends or church wanted the divine to be –but what you find it to be for you today. I hold space for anyone willing to love, to be loved and to consider their own divineness. Through the spaces of 1-to-1 spiritual guidance, group retreats, meditations, a podcast and sex magic workshops, I am here to help create the space that you desire for your own journey. I am here for what you need. 

What can I help offer you?

I’m Bryan Anthos, a cis, white, gay man. My husband and I live in the gay tropical paradise of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have a Masters in Pastoral Ministries, with a concentration in Spirituality. I have been in spiritual guidance relationships both as a guide and a seeker for over 12 years. Through the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute (SGTI), I am a certified interspiritual spiritual guide, director and companion. I am a member of Spiritual Directors International. I have training and experience in both western and eastern spiritual traditions. I grew up Catholic, and I currently am a student of Tantra. I want to listen to you and your story and be a support in your discernment of the Spirit in your life. The spaces that I create are interspiritual and interfaith. All are welcome and appreciated.

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