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You are loved. You are wonderfully-made. You –yourself –are already Divine. However, our spiritual journey can be filled with religious and spiritual trauma that tries to tell us otherwise. Whether it’s from a church building, pastor, minister, school, family, friend or instilled through our ancestral lines, we experience the creation of hurtful shadows that can tether themselves to our entire notion of the Divine. 

I am here to help you discern the shadows and help appreciate the new Sacred possibilities that are already inside of you–like a seed that is ready to grow and flower into juicy fruit. That seed that is already deep within you and yearning to be tugged on, cared for and explode into new life. Come, take a chance. 

Come journey into the unknown. Discover what power and Sacredness is already within you. Explore a life full of way more peacefulness and pleasure.

My Story

My name is Bryan Anthos. My journey has been graced with so many spiritual teachers and guides who have helped me heal, be a better version of me, and help to open up so many divine possibilities and new sacred hope. The work of spiritual guidance is near and dear to my heart, my body and my journey.  I believe in it! And so, I offer this sacred space to you…

“What if we have the strength within us to connect to a spiritual place…that is not bound by the limitations of this earth…what if we have a creative and divine feminine power that can change our lives as we know it here on earth.

Search for signs and listen for clues of the Divine’s presence in your life through 1-2-1 meetings with Bryan. Discern more about your Divine purpose. Search for more Sacred happiness, peace and pleasure.

Whether it’s at home or work – in the kitchen or the bedroom – in the conference room or at church – we have an opportunity to notice, wonder, create and be playful. Let’s have fun in this life! Let’s use our hallowed fruit within and create gifts for ourselves and others.


Journey into virtual and in-person retreat’s that are full of meditation, small-group discussions, creative arts and music. Search for new spiritual possibilities. In a supportive community of fellow seekers, give birth to your belonging, as a fruitful and Divine person.